Weather Hopper provides historical weather data for following places located in Canada
Countries list
100 Mile House, British Columbia BC
Abbey, Saskatchewan SK
Abbotsford, British Columbia BC
Abbotsford, B. C., British Columbia BC
Acadia Forest Station, New Brunswick NB
Addenbroke Island, British Columbia BC
Aden, Alberta AB
Agassiz Slough, British Columbia BC
Aishihik, Yukon YT
Aiyansh, British Columbia BC
Aklavik, Northwest Territories NT
Albanel, Quebec PQ
Fort Albany, Ontario ON
Alberni Robertson Creek, British Columbia BC
Albert Canyon, British Columbia BC
Alberton, Prince Edward Island PE
Albion, Ontario ON
Albion, Ontario ON
Alert Point, Nunavut NU
Alert Airport, Nunavut NU
Alert Bay, British Columbia BC
Alexander, Manitoba MB
Alexis Creek, British Columbia BC
Alexo, Alberta AB
Aleza Lake, British Columbia BC
Alliance, Alberta AB
Alliston, Prince Edward Island PE
Alliston Nelson, Ontario ON
Alma, New Brunswick NB
Alma, Quebec PQ
Almonte, Ontario ON
Alonsa, Manitoba MB
Alsask, Saskatchewan SK
Alsask Hardene, Saskatchewan SK
Altawan, Alberta AB
Altona, Manitoba MB
Amherst, Nova Scotia NS
Amos, Quebec PQ
Amos Magny Airport, Quebec PQ
Amphitrite Point, British Columbia BC
Amqui, Quebec PQ
Amulet, Saskatchewan SK
L'Ancienne-Lorette, Quebec PQ
Anderson River, Northwest Territories NT
Perth-Andover, New Brunswick NB
Andrew, Alberta AB
Aneroid, Saskatchewan SK
Angers, Quebec PQ
Anglia, Saskatchewan SK
Angliers, Quebec PQ
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia NS
Anvil, Yukon YT
Arborg, Manitoba MB
Archive, Saskatchewan SK
Arcola, Saskatchewan SK
Arctic Bay, Nunavut NU
Argentia, Newfoundland NF
Armagh, Quebec PQ
Armagh, Quebec PQ
Armstrong, Ontario ON
Armstrong, British Columbia BC
Arnolds Cove Peninsula, Newfoundland NF
Arnprior, Ontario ON
Aroostook, New Brunswick NB
Arran, Saskatchewan SK
Arras, British Columbia BC
Arthabaska, Quebec PQ
Arundel, Quebec PQ
Ashcroft, British Columbia BC
Ashern, Manitoba MB
Assiniboia, Saskatchewan SK
Athabasca, Alberta AB
Athabasca Landing Provincial Historic Site (Undeveloped), Alberta AB
Atikokan, Ontario ON
Atlin, British Columbia BC
Atwater, Saskatchewan SK
Auden, Ontario ON
Avon, Nova Scotia NS
Avonmore, Ontario ON
Aylmer, Ontario ON
Aylsham, Saskatchewan SK
Babine Lake Pinkut Creek, British Columbia BC
Baddeck, Nova Scotia NS
Bagotville, Quebec PQ
Baie-Johan-Beetz, Quebec PQ
Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec PQ
Baie Verte, Newfoundland NF
Baie-Comeau, Quebec PQ
Baie-du-Poste, Quebec PQ
Baie-Johan-Beetz, Quebec PQ
Bailey, New Brunswick NB
Baker Lake, Nunavut NU
Balcarres, Saskatchewan SK
Baldonnel, British Columbia BC
Baldur, Manitoba MB
Balmertown, Ontario ON
Bamfield, British Columbia BC
Bancroft, Ontario ON
Banff, Alberta AB
Bangor, Prince Edward Island PE
Bankier Chain Lake, British Columbia BC
Baptiste Lake, Alberta AB
Barkerville, British Columbia BC
Bamfield, British Columbia BC
Barrage, Quebec PQ
Angliers, Quebec PQ
Barrie, Ontario ON
Barriere, British Columbia BC
Barriere, Quebec PQ
Barriere - South, British Columbia BC
Bartibog, New Brunswick NB
Barwick, Ontario ON
Bathurst, New Brunswick NB
Battle Harbour, Newfoundland NF
Bay D AP espoir, Newfoundland NF
Bay St. Lawrence, Nova Scotia NS
Beach Point, Prince Edward Island PE
Beaconsfield, Quebec PQ
Bear River, Nova Scotia NS
Beardmore, Ontario ON
Beatrice, Ontario ON
Beatton River, British Columbia BC
Beatty, Saskatchewan SK
Beausejour, Manitoba MB
Beausejour, Quebec PQ
Beaver, British Columbia BC
Beaver, Manitoba MB
Beaver Creek, Yukon YT
Beaver Mines, Alberta AB
Beaverdell, British Columbia BC
Beaverdell, British Columbia BC
Beaverlodge, Alberta AB
Bécancour, Quebec PQ
Bedford, Quebec PQ
Beechwood, New Brunswick NB
Beechy, Saskatchewan SK
Bell Falls, Quebec PQ
Bell Rock, Northwest Territories NT
Bella Coola, British Columbia BC
Bella Coola Airport, British Columbia BC
Belle Isle, Newfoundland NF
Belledune, New Brunswick NB
Belleterre, Quebec PQ
Belleville, Ontario ON
Bellis, Alberta AB
Benalto, Alberta AB
Berthierville, Quebec PQ
Bevens River, Manitoba MB
Bible Hill, Nova Scotia NS
Bickerdike, Alberta AB
Big Bar Creek, British Columbia BC
Big Hips Island, Nunavut NU
Big Salmon, Yukon YT
Big Stone, Alberta AB
Big Trout Lake, Ontario ON
Biggar, Saskatchewan SK
Bighorn Dam, Alberta AB
Binscarth, Manitoba MB
Birch River, Manitoba MB
Bird Cove, Newfoundland NF
Birtle, Manitoba MB
Biscotasing, Ontario ON
Bissett, Manitoba MB
Bissett, Ontario ON
Bittern Lake, Alberta AB
Blanc-Sablon, Quebec PQ
Blind Channel, British Columbia BC
Blind River, Ontario ON
Blindman, Alberta AB
Bloomfield, Ontario ON
Blue Ridge, Alberta AB
Blue River, British Columbia BC
Bluffton, Alberta AB
Blyth, Ontario ON
Boat Bluff, British Columbia BC
Boat Harbour, Newfoundland NF
Bob Quinn Lake, British Columbia BC
Bon Accord, New Brunswick NB
Bonaventure, Quebec PQ
Bonavista, Newfoundland NF
Bonilla Island, British Columbia BC
Digue Bonnard, Quebec PQ
Bonnechere, Ontario ON
Bonsecours, Quebec PQ
Borden, Ontario ON
Boston Bar, British Columbia BC
Botwood, Newfoundland NF
Bournemouth, Saskatchewan SK
Bowmanville Mostert, Ontario ON
Bracebridge, Ontario ON
Bradford, Ontario ON
Braeburn, Yukon YT
Brampton, Ontario ON
Brandon, Manitoba MB
Brandon, Man., Manitoba MB
Brantford, Ontario ON
Brazeau, Alberta AB
Bridge Lake, British Columbia BC
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia NS
Brightview, Alberta AB
Broad Valley, Manitoba MB
Broadview, Saskatchewan SK
Brochet, Manitoba MB
Brockville, Ontario ON
Brome, Quebec PQ
Bromptonville, Quebec PQ
Brooks, Alberta AB
Brooks, Alberta AB
Broughton Island, Nunavut NU
Brownfield, Alberta AB
Brucefield, Ontario ON
Buchans, Newfoundland NF
Buctouche 16, New Brunswick NB
Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan SK
Bugaboo Creek Lodge, British Columbia BC
Bull Harbour, British Columbia BC
Bullmoose Mountain, British Columbia BC
Burgeo, Newfoundland NF
Burin Bank, Newfoundland NF
Burketon McLaughlin, Ontario ON
Burlington, Ontario ON
Burnaby, British Columbia BC
Burnaby, British Columbia BC
Burnaby, British Columbia BC
Mount Burnaby, British Columbia BC
Burns Lake, British Columbia BC
Burnt Pond, Newfoundland NF
Burwash, Yukon YT
Burwash Landing, Yukon YT
Burwell, Northwest Territories NT
Bury, Quebec PQ
Butte-St-Pierre, Saskatchewan SK
Byron Bay, Nunavut NU
Cadogan, Alberta AB
Caldwell, Alberta AB
Calgary, Alberta AB
Calgary Elbow View, Alberta AB
Calling Lake, Alberta AB
Calmar, Alberta AB
Calmar, Alberta AB
Cambridge, Ontario ON
Cambridge, Ontario ON
Cambridge Bay, Nunavut NU
Cameo, Saskatchewan SK
Cameron Falls, Alberta AB
Cameron Falls, Ontario ON
Camille Lake, British Columbia BC
Campbell River, British Columbia BC
Campbell River Surfside, British Columbia BC
Campbellton, Newfoundland NF
Campsie, Alberta AB
Camrose, Alberta AB
Cann, Quebec PQ
Canterbury, New Brunswick NB
Cap aux Meules, Quebec PQ
Cap-Chat, Quebec PQ
Cap des Rosiers, Quebec PQ
Cap de la Madeleine, Quebec PQ
Cap-Seize, Quebec PQ
Cape Beale Light, British Columbia BC
Cape Broyle, Newfoundland NF
Cape Dorset, Nunavut NU
Cape Dyer, Nunavut NU
Cape Hooper, Northwest Territories NT
Cape Hooper, Nunavut NU
Cape Hopes Advance, Quebec PQ
Cape Knox, British Columbia BC
Cape Mudge, British Columbia BC
Cape Parry, Northwest Territories NT
Cape Race, Newfoundland NF
Cape Ray, Newfoundland NF
Cape Scott, British Columbia BC
Cape St. James, British Columbia BC
Cape Young, Northwest Territories NT
Cape Young, Nunavut NU
Caplan, Quebec PQ
Cappahayden, Newfoundland NF
Caramat, Ontario ON
Carcross, Yukon YT
Cardston, Alberta AB
Cariboo Lodge, British Columbia BC
Carievale, Saskatchewan SK
Carlyle, Saskatchewan SK
Carmacks, Yukon YT
Carmanah Point, British Columbia BC
Carmangay Village, Alberta AB
Carmanville, Newfoundland NF
Carmi, British Columbia BC
Carnation Creek, British Columbia BC
Carnduff, Saskatchewan SK
Caron, Saskatchewan SK
Carragana, Saskatchewan SK
Cartwright Island, Newfoundland NF
Carway, Alberta AB
Casey, Quebec PQ
Cassiar, British Columbia BC
Castle Rock, British Columbia BC
Castlegar, British Columbia BC
Castlegar Dam, British Columbia BC
Castor, Alberta AB
Cataraqui, Ontario ON
Causapscal, Quebec PQ
Cawston, British Columbia BC
Cayuga, Ontario ON
Cedarvale, British Columbia BC
Central Saanich, British Columbia BC
Central Saanich, British Columbia BC
Centralia, Ontario ON
Centreville, New Brunswick NB
Ceylon, Saskatchewan SK
Chalk River, Ontario ON
Champneuf, Quebec PQ
Channel-Port aux Basques, Newfoundland NF
Chapais, Quebec PQ
Chapleau, Ontario ON
Chaplin, Saskatchewan SK
Charlesbourg, Quebec PQ
Charlesville, Nova Scotia NS
Charlo, New Brunswick NB
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island PE
Charlottetown, P. E. I., Prince Edward Island PE
Chartierville, Quebec PQ
Chatham, New Brunswick NB
Chatham-Kent, Ontario ON
Chatham Point, British Columbia BC
Chats Falls, Ontario ON
Chatsworth, Ontario ON
Centrale de Chelsea, Quebec PQ
Chenaux, Ontario ON
Chénéville, Quebec PQ
Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut NU
Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut NU
Cheticamp, Nova Scotia NS
Chéticamp, Nova Scotia NS
Chetwynd, British Columbia BC
Chetwynd Fire Station, British Columbia BC
Chibougamau, Quebec PQ
Chicoutimi, Quebec PQ
Chilliwack, British Columbia BC
Chilliwack Hatchery, British Columbia BC
China Hat, British Columbia BC
Chinook Cove, British Columbia BC
Chipman, New Brunswick NB
Choiceland, Saskatchewan SK
Christie Beach Conservation Area, Ontario ON
Churchill, Manitoba MB
Churchill Falls, Newfoundland NF
Chute-Saint-Philippe, Quebec PQ
Chute-des-Passes, Quebec PQ
Claremont, Ontario ON
Clarence, Nova Scotia NS
Claresholm Meadow Creek, Alberta AB
Claresholm Waterworks, Alberta AB
Clarke City, Quebec PQ
Clarks Harbour, Nova Scotia NS
Claybank, Ontario ON
Claydon, Saskatchewan SK
Clear Prairie, Alberta AB
Cleardale, Alberta AB
Clearwater, Alberta AB
Clearwater Lake, Manitoba MB
Clinton Point, Nunavut NU
Clo-oose, British Columbia BC
Clova, Quebec PQ
Clowhom Falls, British Columbia BC
Cluff Lake, Saskatchewan SK
Clyde River, Nunavut NU
Clyde River, Nunavut NU
Coal Harbour Rupert, British Columbia BC
Coalspar, Alberta AB
Coaticook, Quebec PQ
Cobourg, Ontario ON
Cochrane, Ontario ON
Cochrane, Ontario ON
Coderre, Saskatchewan SK
Codette Elkhorn, Saskatchewan SK
Cold Creek, Ontario ON
Cold Lake, Alberta AB
Coldstream, British Columbia BC
Coldwater Warminster, Ontario ON
Coleman, Alberta AB
Coleson Cove, New Brunswick NB
Colinet, Newfoundland NF
Colinton, Alberta AB
Collegeville, Nova Scotia NS
Collins Bay, Saskatchewan SK
Colombourg, Quebec PQ
Colonsay, Saskatchewan SK
Colwood Hatley, British Columbia BC
Combermere, Ontario ON
Come By Chance, Newfoundland NF
Comfort Cove-Newstead, Newfoundland NF
Comox, British Columbia BC
Connelly Creek, Alberta AB
Consul, Saskatchewan SK
Contwoyto Lake, Nunavut NU
Cookshire, Quebec PQ
Cookstown, Ontario ON
Coombs, British Columbia BC
Copetown, Ontario ON
Kugluktuk, Northwest Territories NT
Coppermine Hill, Nunavut NU
Coquitlam, British Columbia BC
Coral Harbour, Nunavut NU
Mount Cormack, Newfoundland NF
Corner Brook, Newfoundland NF
Cornwall, Ontario ON
Cornwall, Ontario ON
Coronach, Saskatchewan SK
Coronation, Alberta AB
Cortes Island, British Columbia BC
Coté, Saskatchewan SK
Courtright, Ontario ON
Courval, Saskatchewan SK
Cow Head, Newfoundland NF
Cowan, Manitoba MB
Cowichan Lake, British Columbia BC
Cowley, Alberta AB
Cowley, Alberta AB
Craigmyle, Alberta AB
Cranbrook, British Columbia BC
Cranbrook City, British Columbia BC
Cree Lake, Saskatchewan SK
Cree River, Saskatchewan SK
Crescent Valley, British Columbia BC
Cressy, Ontario ON
Creston, British Columbia BC
Creston, British Columbia BC
Cromarty, Ontario ON
Crooked Creek, Alberta AB
Cross Lake, Alberta AB
Cross Lake Jenpeg, Manitoba MB
Crow Lake, Ontario ON
Crystal Falls, Ontario ON
Culloden Easey, Ontario ON
Cultus Lake, British Columbia BC
Cumberland Bay, New Brunswick NB
Cunberland House, Saskatchewan SK
Cupar, Saskatchewan SK
Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan SK
Cypress River, Manitoba MB
Dahinda, Saskatchewan SK
Dakota West, Alberta AB
Dalhousie, New Brunswick NB
Dalhousie Mills, Ontario ON
Daniel's Harbour, Newfoundland NF
Darfield, British Columbia BC
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia NS
Dashwood, Ontario ON
Dauphin, Manitoba MB
Daveluyville, Quebec PQ
Davidson, Saskatchewan SK
Davis Inlet, Newfoundland NF
Dawson, Yukon YT
Dawson Creek, British Columbia BC
Dawson Landing, Northwest Territories NT
Dease Lake, British Columbia BC
Debert, Nova Scotia NS
Deep River, Quebec PQ
Deer Lake, Newfoundland NF
Princeton Airport, Newfoundland NF
Deer Park Mountain, British Columbia BC
Deerwood, Manitoba MB
Dégelis, Quebec PQ
Delhi, Ontario ON
Deloraine, Manitoba MB
Delta, British Columbia BC
Delta, Ontario ON
Delta Ladner South, British Columbia BC
Delta Marsh, Manitoba MB
Delta Pebble Hill, British Columbia BC
Deming, Nova Scotia NS
Dépôt-Forbes, Quebec PQ
Deroche, British Columbia BC
Desbarats, Ontario ON
Deschambault, Quebec PQ
Devon, Ontario ON
Dewar Lake, Nunavut NU
Dewar Lakes, Nunavut NU
Dilke, Saskatchewan SK
Disraeli, Quebec PQ
Doaktown, New Brunswick NB
Dog Creek, British Columbia BC
Dolbeau, Quebec PQ
Dome Creek, British Columbia BC
Donnacona, Quebec PQ
Donnelly, Alberta AB
Dorchester, Ontario ON
Dorion, Ontario ON
Dorset Moe, Ontario ON
Douglas Island, Northwest Territories NT
Douglas Station, Manitoba MB
Douglastown, Quebec PQ
Douro-Dummer, Ontario ON
Doyles, Newfoundland NF
Dresden, Ontario ON
Drumheller, Alberta AB
Drumheller Andrew, Alberta AB
Drummondville, Quebec PQ
Dryad Point, British Columbia BC
Dryden, Ontario ON
Dryden, Ontario ON
Duberger, Quebec PQ
Duchesnay, Quebec PQ
Duncan Bay, British Columbia BC
Duncan Forestry, British Columbia BC
Duncan Lake Dam, British Columbia BC
Dunchurch, Ontario ON
Dunnville, Ontario ON
Dunstable, Alberta AB
Dunster, British Columbia BC
Durham, Ontario ON
Duval, Saskatchewan SK
Dwight, Ontario ON
Eagle Plains, Yukon YT
Ear Falls, Ontario ON
Earlton, Ontario ON
East Baltic, Prince Edward Island PE
Easterville, Manitoba MB
Eastleigh, Saskatchewan SK
Eastmain, Quebec PQ
Eckville South, Alberta AB
Ecstew, British Columbia BC
Ecum Secum, Nova Scotia NS
Edmonton, Alberta AB
Edmonton, Alberta AB
Edmonton, Alberta AB
Edmonton, Alberta AB
Edmundston, New Brunswick NB
Edson, Alberta AB
Egg Island, British Columbia BC
Elbow, Alberta AB
Elbow, Saskatchewan SK
Eldorado, Saskatchewan SK
Elk Lake, Ontario ON
Elk Point, Alberta AB
Elkhorn, Manitoba MB
Ellerslie, Alberta AB
Ellice River, Nunavut NU
Elliot Lake, Ontario ON
Elm Creek, Manitoba MB
Elmworth, Alberta AB
Elnora, Alberta AB
Elrose, Saskatchewan SK
Embarras Portage, Alberta AB
Embro Innes, Ontario ON
Emerson, Manitoba MB
Emo Radbourne, Ontario ON
Empress, Alberta AB
Englehart, Ontario ON
Ennadai, Nunavut NU
Enterprise, Northwest Territories NT
Entrance, Alberta AB
Eric, Quebec PQ
Essa, Ontario ON
Estevan, Saskatchewan SK
Estevan Point, British Columbia BC
Eston, Saskatchewan SK
Ethelda Bay, British Columbia BC
Eureka, Nunavut NU
Eureka River, Alberta AB
Evanston, Nova Scotia NS
Evansville, Ontario ON
Exeter, Ontario ON
Exploits Dam, Newfoundland NF
Exshaw, Alberta AB
Fabyan, Alberta AB
Municipal District of Fairview No. 136, Alberta AB
Falcon Lake, Manitoba MB
Englishman River Falls, British Columbia BC
Fannystelle, Manitoba MB
Farmington, Nova Scotia NS
Farnham, Quebec PQ
Faro, Yukon YT
Fauquier, British Columbia BC
Fenwood, Saskatchewan SK
Fergus Shand Dam, Ontario ON
Ferland, Quebec PQ
Fermont, Quebec PQ
Fernie, British Columbia BC
Fernie, British Columbia BC
Fertile, Saskatchewan SK
Fisher Branch South, Manitoba MB
Fishing Station, Yukon YT
Fleury, Quebec PQ
Flin Flon, Manitoba MB
Flin Flon, Saskatchewan SK
Flin Flon Airport, Manitoba MB
Flint, Ontario ON
Flowers Cove, Newfoundland NF
Foch Lagoon, British Columbia BC
Fogo, Newfoundland NF
Foldens, Ontario ON
Foleyet, Ontario ON
Fond du Lac, Saskatchewan SK
Fontenelle, Quebec PQ
Fording River Cominco, British Columbia BC
Foremost, Alberta AB
Forest, Ontario ON
Forestburg, Alberta AB
Forestburg Plant Site, Alberta AB
Forestville, Quebec PQ
Foret Montmorency, Quebec PQ
Forrest, Manitoba MB
Fort Assiniboine, Alberta AB
Fort Babine, British Columbia BC
Fort Chipewyan, Alberta AB
Fort Erie, Ontario ON
Fort Frances, Ontario ON
Fort Frances Municipal Airport, Ontario ON
Fort Fraser, British Columbia BC
Fort Good Hope, Northwest Territories NT
Fort Graham, British Columbia BC
Fort Hope, Ontario ON
Fort Liard, Northwest Territories NT
Fort MacKay, Alberta AB
Fort Macleod, Alberta AB
Fort McMurray, Alberta AB
Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories NT
Fort Nelson, British Columbia BC
Fort Norman, Northwest Territories NT
Old Fort Providence, Northwest Territories NT
Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories NT
Fort Rupert, British Columbia BC
Fort St. John, British Columbia BC
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta AB
Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories NT
Fort Smith, Northwest Territories NT
Fort St. James, British Columbia BC
Fort Steele Heritage Town, British Columbia BC
Fort Vermilion, Alberta AB
Fort Mackenzie, Quebec PQ
Fortierville, Quebec PQ
Fox Five, Nunavut NU
Foxwarren, Manitoba MB
Foymount, Ontario ON
Frances Lake, Yukon YT
Frankford Moe, Ontario ON
Franz, Ontario ON
Fraser Lake, British Columbia BC
Fraserwood, Manitoba MB
Fredericton, New Brunswick NB
Fredericton, N. B., New Brunswick NB
Freeport, Nova Scotia NS
French R Chaudiere Dam, Ontario ON
Frenchmans Bay, Ontario ON
Frontier, Saskatchewan SK
Furman, Alberta AB
Gabriola Island, British Columbia BC
Gagetown, New Brunswick NB
Gagnon, Quebec PQ
Galiote, Quebec PQ
Gallants, Newfoundland NF
Gambier Harbour, British Columbia BC
Gander, Newfoundland NF
Garrick, Saskatchewan SK
Mount Garth, Alberta AB
Garthby, Quebec PQ
Gaspé, Quebec PQ
Gateway, British Columbia BC
Georgetown, Ontario ON
Georgetown, Prince Edward Island PE
Geraldton, Ontario ON
Germansen Landing, British Columbia BC
Gethsemani, Quebec PQ
Ghost, Alberta AB
Gibsons, British Columbia BC
Gilbert Plains, Manitoba MB
Gillam, Manitoba MB
Gimli, Manitoba MB
Girardville, Quebec PQ
Gjoa Harbour, Nunavut NU
Glace Bay, Nova Scotia NS
Glacier, British Columbia BC
Glacier National Park - Mount Fidelity, British Columbia BC
Rogers Pass, British Columbia BC
Gladman Point, Nunavut NU
Gladstone, Manitoba MB
Glaslyn, Saskatchewan SK
Gleichen, Alberta AB
Glen Allan, Ontario ON
Glen Gordon, Ontario ON
Glen Haffy, Ontario ON
Glen Island, Nunavut NU
Glenboro, Manitoba MB
Glenburnie, Ontario ON
Glendale, Ontario ON
Glenella, Manitoba MB
Glenevis, Alberta AB
Glenlea, Manitoba MB
Mount Glenora, British Columbia BC
Glenside, Saskatchewan SK
Godbout, Quebec PQ
Goderich, Ontario ON
Godfrey, Ontario ON
Gold River Townsite, British Columbia BC
Golden, British Columbia BC
Golden Prairie, Saskatchewan SK
Goldpines, Ontario ON
Goldstream River, British Columbia BC
Goobies, Newfoundland NF
Good Spirit Lake, Saskatchewan SK
Goodwood, Ontario ON
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland NF
Goose Bay, British Columbia BC
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland NF
Gore Bay, Ontario ON
Gormley Ardenlee, Ontario ON
Wright-Gracefield-Northfield, Quebec PQ
Granby, Quebec PQ
Grand Bank, Newfoundland NF
Grand Centre, Alberta AB
Grand Falls, New Brunswick NB
Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland NF
Grand Falls Drummond, New Brunswick NB
Grand-Fonds, Quebec PQ
Grand Forks, British Columbia BC
Grand Rapids, Manitoba MB
Grand Valley, Ontario ON
Grande Anse, Quebec PQ
Grande Cache, Alberta AB
Grande Prairie, Alberta AB
Grandes Bergeronnes, Quebec PQ
Grasmere, British Columbia BC
Grass River, Manitoba MB
Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan SK
Gravenhurst, Ontario ON
Graysville, Manitoba MB
Great Falls, Manitoba MB
Green Island, British Columbia BC
Green Ridge, Manitoba MB
Greenslide, British Columbia BC
Greenwood, Nova Scotia NS
Greenwood, Ontario ON
Grenfell, Saskatchewan SK
Grosse Isle, Manitoba MB
Grouard Mission, Alberta AB
Grovedale, Alberta AB
Guelph, Ontario ON
Guernsey, Saskatchewan SK
Gull Bay, Ontario ON
Gull Lake, Saskatchewan SK
Gwynne, Alberta AB
Hafford, Saskatchewan SK
Hagersville, Ontario ON
Hague, Saskatchewan SK
Haileybury, Ontario ON
Haines Junction, Yukon YT
Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario ON
Hale, British Columbia BC
Haley, Ontario ON
Haliburton, Ontario ON
Halifax, Nova Scotia NS
Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada, Nova Scotia NS
Halifax, Nova Scotia NS
Halkirk, Alberta AB
Hall Beach, Nunavut NU
Hamilton, Ontario ON
Hamilton, Ontario ON
Hamilton, Ontario ON
Hamilton, Ontario ON
Handsworth, Saskatchewan SK
Haney, British Columbia BC
Haney East, British Columbia BC
Hanover, Ontario ON
Harbour Breton, Newfoundland NF
Harcourt, New Brunswick NB
Harding, Manitoba MB
Harmony, Nova Scotia NS
Harrington, Quebec PQ
Harrington Harbour, Quebec PQ
Harris, Saskatchewan SK
Harrow, Ontario ON
Hartington, Ontario ON
Hartley Bay, British Columbia BC
Harvey, New Brunswick NB
Havre-Saint-Pierre, Quebec PQ
Hawk Lake, Ontario ON
Hay River, Northwest Territories NT
Haywood, Manitoba MB
Hazelton, British Columbia BC
Hazelton Temlehan, British Columbia BC
Hearts Content Brook, Newfoundland NF
Heath Steel Mines, New Brunswick NB
Hebron, Newfoundland NF
Hedley, British Columbia BC
Heffley Creek, British Columbia BC
Hemaruka, Alberta AB
Hemmingford, Quebec PQ
Hemon, Quebec PQ
Hendrix Lake, British Columbia BC
Henley Harbour, Newfoundland NF
Herschel, Yukon YT
Hesquiat, British Columbia BC
High Level, Alberta AB
High Point, Saskatchewan SK
High Prairie, Alberta AB
High River, Alberta AB
High River Town, Alberta AB
Highland Valley, British Columbia BC
Highway, Alberta AB
Hillmond, Saskatchewan SK
Hixon, British Columbia BC
Hodgson, Manitoba MB
Holberg, British Columbia BC
Holden South, Alberta AB
Hollyburn Ridge, British Columbia BC
Holman Island, Northwest Territories NT
Holyrood Ridge, Newfoundland NF
Honey Harbour, Ontario ON
Honfleur, Quebec PQ
Hope, British Columbia BC
Hope Slide, British Columbia BC
Hopedale, Newfoundland NF
Hopkins Landing, British Columbia BC
Hornepayne, Ontario ON
Horsefly, British Columbia BC
Blissville, New Brunswick NB
Hubbard, Saskatchewan SK
Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan SK
Hughenden, Alberta AB
Humboldt, Saskatchewan SK
Huntingdon, Quebec PQ
Huntsville, Ontario ON
Huxley, Alberta AB
Iberville, Quebec PQ
El Michoacano, Alberta AB
Igloolik, Nunavut NU
Ignace, Ontario ON
Ilderton Bear Creek, Ontario ON
Ile Aux Coudres, Quebec PQ
Imperial, Saskatchewan SK
Indian Bay, Manitoba MB
Indian Brook, Nova Scotia NS
Indian Head, Saskatchewan SK
Indian Head, Saskatchewan SK
Indian Village, Northwest Territories NT
Indian Village, Saskatchewan SK
Ingebright Lake, Saskatchewan SK
Ingonish Beach, Nova Scotia NS
Inukjuak, Quebec PQ
Inukjuak, Quebec PQ
Inuvik, Northwest Territories NT
Invermere, British Columbia BC
Ioco Refinery, British Columbia BC
Iqaluit, Nunavut NU
Iroquois Falls, Ontario ON
Cape Isachsen, Nunavut NU
Island Falls, Ontario ON
Island Falls, Saskatchewan SK
Island Lake, Manitoba MB
Isle aux Morts, Newfoundland NF
Isle Maligne, Quebec PQ
Jackhead Harbour, Manitoba MB
Jackson, Nova Scotia NS
Janetville, Ontario ON
Jasper, Alberta AB
Jasper East Gate, Alberta AB
Jedway, British Columbia BC
Jenner, Alberta AB
Jenpeg, Manitoba MB
Joe Rich Creek, British Columbia BC
Johnsons Crossing, Yukon YT
Johnsons Crossings, Yukon YT
Joliette, Quebec PQ
Jonquière, Quebec PQ
Joutel, Quebec PQ
Juniper, New Brunswick NB
Kakabeka Falls, Ontario ON
Kalder Lake, British Columbia BC
Kamloops, British Columbia BC
Kamloops, British Columbia BC
Kamsack, Saskatchewan SK
Kananaskis Improvement District, Alberta AB
Kananaskis Pocaterra, Alberta AB
Kapuskasing, Ontario ON
Kapuskasing, Ontario ON
Kaslo, British Columbia BC
Katrine Doe Lake, Ontario ON
Kaybob, Alberta AB
Kedgwick, New Brunswick NB
Keg River, Alberta AB
Kejimkujik National Park of Canada, Nova Scotia NS
Kelliher, Saskatchewan SK
Kelowna, British Columbia BC
Kelowna, British Columbia BC
East Kelowna, British Columbia BC
Kemano, British Columbia BC
Kemptville, Nova Scotia NS
Kemptville, Ontario ON
Kennedy, British Columbia BC
Kenora, Ontario ON
Kentville, Nova Scotia NS
Kenzieville, Nova Scotia NS
Keremeos, British Columbia BC
Kerrobert, Saskatchewan SK
Kersley, British Columbia BC
Kildala Arm, British Columbia BC
Kildala Arm, British Columbia BC
Kimberley, British Columbia BC
Kincaid, Saskatchewan SK
Kindersley, Saskatchewan SK
King Point, Nunavut NU
King Smoke Tree, Ontario ON
Kingston, Ontario ON
Kingston, Ontario ON
Kingsville Moe, Ontario ON
Kinnaird, British Columbia BC
Kinsella Ranch, Alberta AB
Kinuso, Alberta AB
Kipawa Laniel, Quebec PQ
Kipisa, Nunavut NU
Kipling, Saskatchewan SK
Kirkland Lake, Ontario ON
Kitamaat Village, British Columbia BC
Kitimat, British Columbia BC
Kitimat, British Columbia BC
Kivitoo Point, Nunavut NU
Kleena Kleene, British Columbia BC
Klintonel, Saskatchewan SK
Klondike Hills, Yukon YT
Koch Island, Nunavut NU
Komakuk Beach, Yukon YT
Kootenay National Park of Canada, British Columbia BC
Kootenay National Park of Canada, British Columbia BC
Kouchibouguac, New Brunswick NB
Kugluktuk, Nunavut NU
Kuroki, Saskatchewan SK
Kuujjuaq, Quebec PQ
Centrale de Kuujjuarapik, Quebec PQ
L AP Alverne, Quebec PQ
L'Assomption, Quebec PQ
La Baie, Quebec PQ
La Doré, Quebec PQ
La Grande Riviere, Quebec PQ
La Macaza / Mont-Tremblant International Inc Airport, Quebec PQ
La Malbaie, Quebec PQ
La Minerve, Quebec PQ
La Morandière, Quebec PQ
La Pocatière, Quebec PQ
La Ronge, Saskatchewan SK
La Ronge, Saskatchewan SK
La Sarre, Quebec PQ
La Tabatière, Quebec PQ
La Tuque, Quebec PQ
Labrieville, Quebec PQ
Lac-aux-Sables, Quebec PQ
Lac Berry, Quebec PQ
Lac Bouchette, Quebec PQ
Lac Humqui, Quebec PQ
Lac la Biche, Alberta AB
Lac La Ronge, Saskatchewan SK
Lac Manouane, Quebec PQ
Lac Mégantic, Quebec PQ
Lac Sainte-Croix, Quebec PQ
Lac Allard, Quebec PQ
Lac Mégantic, Quebec PQ
Grand lac Nominingue, Quebec PQ
Lachute, Quebec PQ
Lacombe, Alberta AB
Ladriere, Quebec PQ
Cape Lady Franklin, Nunavut NU
Ladysmith, British Columbia BC
Laidlaw, British Columbia BC
Lake Cowichan, British Columbia BC
Lake Harbour, Nunavut NU
Lake Louise, Alberta AB
Lake Traverse, Ontario ON
Lakeview, Ontario ON
Lamartine, Quebec PQ
Lambton, Quebec PQ
Langenburg, Saskatchewan SK
Langley, British Columbia BC
Langruth, Manitoba MB
Lansdowne House, Ontario ON
Last Mountain, Saskatchewan SK
Latulipe, Quebec PQ
Laurie River, Manitoba MB
Laurierville, Quebec PQ
Lauzon, Quebec PQ
Lavoy, Alberta AB
Lawnhill, British Columbia BC
Lax Kwalaams, British Columbia BC
Leader, Saskatchewan SK
Leaf Rapids, Manitoba MB
Lebel-sur-Quévillon, Quebec PQ
Leduc, Alberta AB
Leney, Saskatchewan SK
Lennard Island, British Columbia BC
Lennoxville, Quebec PQ
Leroy, Saskatchewan SK
Les Cèdres, Quebec PQ
Les Éboulements, Quebec PQ
Leskard, Ontario ON
Lethbridge, Alberta AB
Lethbridge, Newfoundland NF
Lethbridge, Alberta AB
Likely, British Columbia BC
Lillooet, British Columbia BC
Lillooet, British Columbia BC
Lillooet, British Columbia BC
Lily Lake, British Columbia BC
Lindsay, Ontario ON
Lindsay Frost, Ontario ON
Lingwick, Quebec PQ
Linière, Quebec PQ
Lintlaw, Saskatchewan SK
Lipton, Saskatchewan SK
Little Current, Ontario ON
Little Qualicum Hatchery, British Columbia BC
Little River Mine, New Brunswick NB
Little Smoky, Alberta AB
Liverpool, Nova Scotia NS
Liverpool Big Falls, Nova Scotia NS
Liverpool, Nova Scotia NS
Lloydminster, Alberta AB
Lloydminster, Saskatchewan SK
Lockport, Manitoba MB
Lockston, Newfoundland NF
Logy Bay, Newfoundland NF
Lois River Dam, British Columbia BC
London, Ontario ON
London, Ontario ON
London, Ontario ON
Long Beach, British Columbia BC
Long Harbour, Newfoundland NF
Long River, Prince Edward Island PE
Little Longlac, Ontario ON
Longstaff Bluff, Nunavut NU
Longview, Alberta AB
Loon Lake, Saskatchewan SK
Loon Lake, Saskatchewan SK
Loran, Newfoundland NF
Lost River, Saskatchewan SK
Louisbourg, Nova Scotia NS
Louiseville, Quebec PQ
Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon, Quebec PQ
Lower Meaghers Grant, Nova Scotia NS
Lower Post, British Columbia BC
Lucknow, Ontario ON
Lumby Sigalet, British Columbia BC
Lumsden, Saskatchewan SK
Lumsden, Saskatchewan SK
Lunch Lake, British Columbia BC
Lundar, Manitoba MB
Lupin, Nunavut NU
Luskville, Quebec PQ
Lyndhurst Shawmere, Ontario ON
Lynn Lake, Manitoba MB
Lyons Brook, Nova Scotia NS
Lytton, British Columbia BC
Macdonald, Manitoba MB
Macdowall, Saskatchewan SK
Mackenzie, British Columbia BC
Macklin, Saskatchewan SK
Maclennan Township, Ontario ON
Macoun, Saskatchewan SK
Mactaquac Provincial Park, New Brunswick NB
Greater Madawaska, Ontario ON
Madden, Alberta AB
Madeleine-Centre, Quebec PQ
Magog, Quebec PQ
Main Brook, Newfoundland NF
Makkovik, Newfoundland NF
Makwa, Saskatchewan SK
Malibu Jervis Inlet, British Columbia BC
Maliotenam, Quebec PQ
Mallorytown, Ontario ON
Malton, Ontario ON
Mamette Lake, British Columbia BC
Manicouagan, Quebec PQ
Manitou, Manitoba MB
Manitouwadge, Ontario ON
Maniwaki, Quebec PQ
Maniwaki Ua, Quebec PQ
Mankota, Saskatchewan SK
Mann Siding, New Brunswick NB
Manneville, Quebec PQ
Mansons Landing, British Columbia BC
Mantario, Saskatchewan SK
Manuan Lake, Quebec PQ
Manyberries, Alberta AB
Maple, Ontario ON
Maple Creek, Saskatchewan SK
Mapleton, New Brunswick NB
Marathon, Ontario ON
Marblehead, British Columbia BC
Margaree Forks, Nova Scotia NS
Margaree Forks, Nova Scotia NS
Margo, Saskatchewan SK
Markerville, Alberta AB
Marquette, Manitoba MB
Martin, Ontario ON
Maryfield, Saskatchewan SK
Marysville, British Columbia BC
Masinasin, Alberta AB
Masset, British Columbia BC
Matagami, Quebec PQ
Matamec, Quebec PQ
Matane, Quebec PQ
Matapedia, Quebec PQ
Baie Mattawa, Quebec PQ
Mattice, Ontario ON
Mayerthorpe, Alberta AB
Mayne Island, British Columbia BC
Mayo, Yukon YT
Mayo Road, Yukon YT
McBride, British Columbia BC
McBride, British Columbia BC
McCreary, Manitoba MB
McCreary, Manitoba MB
McCulloch, British Columbia BC
McGraw Brook, New Brunswick NB
McInnes Island, British Columbia BC
McLeese Lake, British Columbia BC
McLeese Lake, British Columbia BC
Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan SK
Meanook, Alberta AB
Medicine Hat, Alberta AB
Melfort, Saskatchewan SK
Merritt, British Columbia BC
Merry Island, British Columbia BC
Mesachie Lake, British Columbia BC
Metchosin, British Columbia BC
Metchosin -Happy Valley, British Columbia BC
Metlakatla, British Columbia BC
Miami Orchard, Manitoba MB
Mica Dam, British Columbia BC
Michipicoten, Ontario ON
Mid Baffin, Nunavut NU
Midale, Saskatchewan SK
Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia NS
Middleboro, Nova Scotia NS
Middleport, Ontario ON
Midhurst, Ontario ON
Midland, Ontario ON
Milan, Quebec PQ
Mill Village, Nova Scotia NS
Millertown, Newfoundland NF
Millertown Junction, Newfoundland NF
Millgrove, Ontario ON
Milltown-Head of Bay D'Espoir, Newfoundland NF
Minden, Ontario ON
Mine Centre, Ontario ON
Mingan, Quebec PQ
Minnedosa, Manitoba MB
Minto, New Brunswick NB
Miramichi, New Brunswick NB
Mission, British Columbia BC
Mission, British Columbia BC
Mississauga, Ontario ON
Mistassini, Quebec PQ
Monarch, Alberta AB
Moncton, New Brunswick NB
Moncton, New Brunswick NB
Monetville, Ontario ON
Mont Apica, Quebec PQ
Mont-Brun, Quebec PQ
Mont-Joli, Quebec PQ
Mont-Laurier, Quebec PQ
Mont Louis, Quebec PQ
Mont-Apica, Quebec PQ
Mont-Joli, Quebec PQ
Monte Lake Paxton Valley, British Columbia BC
Montebello, Quebec PQ
Monticello, Ontario ON
Monticello, Prince Edward Island PE
Montmagny, Quebec PQ
Montréal, Quebec PQ
Montréal, Quebec PQ
Montréal, Quebec PQ
Montréal, Quebec PQ
Montréal, Quebec PQ
Montréal, Quebec PQ
Montreal / Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport, Que, Quebec PQ
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan SK
Moose River, Nova Scotia NS
Moosehorn, Manitoba MB
Moosomin, Saskatchewan SK
Moosonee, Ontario ON
Morden, Manitoba MB
Morris, Manitoba MB
Morris, Quebec PQ
Morrisburg, Ontario ON
Mossleigh, Alberta AB
Mossleigh Burnay, Alberta AB
Mould Bay, Northwest Territories NT
Mount Carleton, New Brunswick NB
Mount Carmel-Mitchell AP s Brook, Newfoundland NF
Mount Forest, Ontario ON
Mount Pearl, Newfoundland NF
Mount Robson, British Columbia BC
Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia NS
Mountain Park, Alberta AB
Mountain View, Alberta AB
Kuaste (Mud Bay)(Kildala Arm) Indian Reserve 8, British Columbia BC
Muenster, Saskatchewan SK
Mulgrave, Nova Scotia NS
Muncho Lake, British Columbia BC
Murdochville, Quebec PQ
Musgrave Harbour, Newfoundland NF
Musgrave Harbour, Newfoundland NF
Muskoka, Ontario ON
Myrtle, Manitoba MB
Myrtle, Manitoba MB
Nadu, British Columbia BC
Nain, Newfoundland NF
Nairn and Hyman, Ontario ON
Nakina, Ontario ON
Nakusp, British Columbia BC
Namao, Alberta AB
Nanaimo, British Columbia BC
Nanaimo, British Columbia BC
Nanaimo, British Columbia BC
Nanisivik, Nunavut NU
Nanticoke Esso, Ontario ON
Nappan, Nova Scotia NS
Naramata, British Columbia BC
Narcisse, Manitoba MB
Nass Camp, British Columbia BC
Natashquan, Quebec PQ
Natuk, Newfoundland NF
Neepawa, Manitoba MB
Neepawa, Manitoba MB
Nelson, British Columbia BC
Nepisiguit Falls, New Brunswick NB
New Carlisle, Quebec PQ
New Chelsea, Newfoundland NF
New Denver, British Columbia BC
New Glasgow, Ontario ON
New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island PE
New Hazelton, British Columbia BC
Newcastle Bridge, New Brunswick NB
Newmarket, Ontario ON
Niagara Falls, Ontario ON
Niagara Falls, Ontario ON
Nicholson Peninsula, Northwest Territories NT
Nicolet, Quebec PQ
Nictau, New Brunswick NB
Nig Creek, British Columbia BC
Nine Mile River, Nova Scotia NS
Ninette, Manitoba MB
Nipawin, Saskatchewan SK
Nitchequon, Quebec PQ
Nitinat River Hatchery, British Columbia BC
Niverville, Manitoba MB
Nojack, Alberta AB
Nokomis, Saskatchewan SK
Nominingue, Quebec PQ
Nootka Lightstation, British Columbia BC
Nordegg, Alberta AB
Norman Wells, Northwest Territories NT
Normandin, Quebec PQ
North Battleford, Saskatchewan SK
North Bay, Ontario ON
North Cowichan, British Columbia BC
North Head, New Brunswick NB
North Portal, Saskatchewan SK
North Vancouver, British Columbia BC
North Vancouver, British Columbia BC
North Vancouver, British Columbia BC
North Vancouver, British Columbia BC
North Vancouver, British Columbia BC
North Vancouver, British Columbia BC
North Vancouver, British Columbia BC
North Vancouver, British Columbia BC
North West River, Newfoundland NF
Norway, Manitoba MB
Norway Bay, Quebec PQ
Norway House, Manitoba MB
Norway House, Man., Manitoba MB
Notikewin East, Alberta AB
Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, Quebec PQ
Notre-Dame-des-Bois, Quebec PQ
Notre Dame Des Monts, Quebec PQ
Notre-Dame-du-Lac, Quebec PQ
Notre-Dame-du-Laus, Quebec PQ
Nottingham Island, Nunavut NU
Cap de Nouvelle-France, Quebec PQ
Novar, Ontario ON
O'Leary, Prince Edward Island PE
Oak Point, Manitoba MB
Oakner, Manitoba MB
Oakville, Ontario ON
Ocean Falls, British Columbia BC
Ochiltree Miocene, British Columbia BC
Ochre River, Manitoba MB
Oka, Quebec PQ
Old Crow Flats, Yukon YT
Old Fort Nelson, British Columbia BC
Olds, Alberta AB
Oliver, British Columbia BC
Oliver, British Columbia BC
Oliver Tree Nursery, Alberta AB
Onefour, Alberta AB
Onion Lake, Saskatchewan SK
Oona River, British Columbia BC
Ootsa Lake, British Columbia BC
Ootsa Lake, British Columbia BC
Orangeville, Ontario ON
Orillia, Ontario ON
Ormiston, Saskatchewan SK
Ormstown, Quebec PQ
Oromocto, New Brunswick NB
Orono, Ontario ON
Oshawa, Ontario ON
Oskelaneo, Quebec PQ
Osoyoos, British Columbia BC
Ostenfeld, Manitoba MB
Ottawa, Ontario ON
Ottawa, Ontario ON
Otter Falls, Yukon YT
Ouimet, Quebec PQ
Outlook, Saskatchewan SK
Owen Sound, Ontario ON
Oyama, British Columbia BC
Oyen Cappon, Alberta AB
Oyster River, British Columbia BC
Pachena Beach, British Columbia BC
Pachena Point, British Columbia BC
Pacofi, British Columbia BC
Paddle River, Alberta AB
Padloping Island, Nunavut NU
Pagwa River, Ontario ON
Paisley, Ontario ON
Pallant Creek, British Columbia BC
Pangnirtung, Nunavut NU
Paradis, Quebec PQ
Paradise, Nova Scotia NS
Paradise Valley, Alberta AB
Parent, Quebec PQ
Parkbeg, Saskatchewan SK
Parkman, Saskatchewan SK
Parksville, British Columbia BC
Parrsboro Aboiteau, Nova Scotia NS
Parry Sound, Ontario ON
Pascalis, Quebec PQ
Pasquia Project, Manitoba MB
Passe Dangereuse Dam, Quebec PQ
Paswegin, Saskatchewan SK
Paulatuk, Northwest Territories NT
Paynton, Saskatchewan SK
Peace Gardens, Manitoba MB
Peace River, Alberta AB
Peachland, British Columbia BC
Peachland, British Columbia BC
Pekisko, Alberta AB
Pelee Island, Ontario ON
Pelly, Saskatchewan SK
Pelly Bay, Nunavut NU
Pelly Ranch, Yukon YT
Pemberton Meadows, British Columbia BC
Pembroke, Ontario ON
Pendleton Bay, British Columbia BC
Penfield Ridge, New Brunswick NB
Penhold, Alberta AB
Pennant, Saskatchewan SK
Pennfield, New Brunswick NB
Penticton, British Columbia BC
Peribonca, Quebec PQ
Petawawa, Ontario ON
Petawawa Airport, Ontario ON
Peterborough County, Ontario ON
Peterborough County, Ontario ON
Peterborough County, Ontario ON
Peterborough County, Ontario ON
Petit Saguenay, Quebec PQ
Petite Riv St Francois, Quebec PQ
Petrolia, Ontario ON
Petty Harbour, Newfoundland NF
Philipsburg, Quebec PQ
Pickle Lake, Ontario ON
Picton, Ontario ON
Pictou, Nova Scotia NS
Pierreville, Quebec PQ
Pierson, Manitoba MB
Pilger, Saskatchewan SK
Pilot Mound, Manitoba MB
Pinawa, Manitoba MB
Pinawa Wnre, Manitoba MB
Pincher, Alberta AB
Pine Dock, Manitoba MB
Pine Falls, Manitoba MB
Pine Grove, Ontario ON
Pine Pass, British Columbia BC
Pine River, Manitoba MB
Pine Valley, British Columbia BC
Pinewood, Ontario ON
Piney, Manitoba MB
Pitt Meadows, British Columbia BC
Pitt Polder, British Columbia BC
Pleasant Bay Grand Anse, Nova Scotia NS
Pleasant Camp, British Columbia BC
Lake Pleasant, Nova Scotia NS
Plum Coulee, Manitoba MB
Plum Point, Newfoundland NF
Little Pockwock Lake, Nova Scotia NS
Leamington Point, Newfoundland NF
Point Pelee, Ontario ON
Pointe Au Chene, Quebec PQ
Pointe du Moulin, Quebec PQ
Pointe Lebel, Quebec PQ
Pond Inlet, Nunavut NU
Pond Inlet, Nunavut NU
Pools Cove Fortune Bay, Newfoundland NF
Porcupine, Ontario ON
Porcupine Creek, British Columbia BC
Port Alberni, British Columbia BC
Port Alice, British Columbia BC
Channel-Port aux Basques, Newfoundland NF
Port Clements, British Columbia BC
Port Colborne, Ontario ON
Port Dalhousie, Ontario ON
Port-Daniel, Quebec PQ
Port Dover, Ontario ON
Port Hardy, British Columbia BC
Port Hastings, Nova Scotia NS
Port Hood, Nova Scotia NS
Port Hope, Ontario ON
Port-Menier, Quebec PQ
Port Moody, British Columbia BC
Port Nelson, Manitoba MB
Port Radium, Northwest Territories NT
Port Renfrew, British Columbia BC
Port Saunders, Newfoundland NF
Port Stanley, Ontario ON
Port Union, Newfoundland NF
Port-Daniel, Quebec PQ
Port-Menier, Quebec PQ
Thicket Portage Airport, Manitoba MB
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba MB
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba MB
Poste Montagnais, Quebec PQ
Poste-de-la-Baleine, Quebec PQ
Pouce Coupe, British Columbia BC
Lac Poularies, Quebec PQ
Powassan, Ontario ON
Powell River, British Columbia BC
Powell River, British Columbia BC
Prelate, Saskatchewan SK
Premier, British Columbia BC
Preston, Ontario ON
Preston, Ontario ON
Priceville, Ontario ON
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan SK
Prince Albert Hills, Nunavut NU
Prince George, British Columbia BC
Prince George, British Columbia BC
Prince George, British Columbia BC
Prince Rupert, British Columbia BC
Prince Rupert, British Columbia BC
Prince Rupert, British Columbia BC
Prince Rupert, British Columbia BC
Princess Catharine, Nunavut NU
Princeton, British Columbia BC
Proton Station, Ontario ON
Pugwash, Nova Scotia NS
Puntchesakut Lake, British Columbia BC
Purdy, Ontario ON
Qualicum Beach, British Columbia BC
Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan SK
Quaqtaq, Quebec PQ
Quatsino, British Columbia BC
Quatsino Lightstation, British Columbia BC
Québec, Quebec PQ
Québec, Quebec PQ
Queenstown, Alberta AB
Quesnel, British Columbia BC
Quick, British Columbia BC
Quinsam River Hatchery, British Columbia BC
Quinton, Saskatchewan SK
Quorn, Ontario ON
Quyon, Quebec PQ
Radisson, Quebec PQ
Radisson, Saskatchewan SK
Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia BC
Radville, Saskatchewan SK
Radway, Alberta AB
Rainy River, Ontario ON
Ramea Colombier, Newfoundland NF
Ranfurly, Alberta AB
Rankin Inlet, Nunavut NU
Rapid City, Manitoba MB
Rapide Des Joachims, Quebec PQ
Rapide-Sept, Quebec PQ
Rathwell, Manitoba MB
Rattling Brook, Newfoundland NF
Ravenshoe, Ontario ON
Rawson Lake, Ontario ON
Raymore, Saskatchewan SK
Red Deer, Alberta AB
Red Deer, Alta., Alberta AB
Red Lake, Ontario ON
Red Pass, British Columbia BC
Redstone, British Columbia BC
Regina, Saskatchewan SK
Regina, Saskatchewan SK
Regina, Saskatchewan SK
Regina, Saskatchewan SK
Reliance, Northwest Territories NT
Remigny, Quebec PQ
Renfrew, Ontario ON
Resolute, Nunavut NU
Resolution Island, Nunavut NU
Retlaw, Alberta AB
Revelstoke, British Columbia BC
Rexton, New Brunswick NB
Richibucto, New Brunswick NB
Richmond, Quebec PQ
Richmond, Quebec PQ
Richmond Hill, Ontario ON
Richmond, British Columbia BC
Ridgetown, Ontario ON
Ridgeville, Ontario ON
Ridgewood, Ontario ON
Rigaud, Quebec PQ
Rimouski, Quebec PQ
Riske Creek, British Columbia BC
River Charlo, New Brunswick NB
Rivers, Manitoba MB
Rivers Inlet, British Columbia BC
Rivière-au-Tonnerre, Quebec PQ
Rivière Bleue, Quebec PQ
Rivière Bleue, Quebec PQ
Riviere Des Prairies, Quebec PQ
Riviere Kinojevis, Quebec PQ
Riviere Verte Ouest, Quebec PQ
Rivière-au-Tonnerre, Quebec PQ
Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec PQ
Robb, Alberta AB
Roberval, Quebec PQ
Rocanville, Saskatchewan SK
Roche Percee, Saskatchewan SK
Rochebaucourt, Quebec PQ
Rock Creek, Yukon YT
Rock Point, Saskatchewan SK
Rockton, Ontario ON
Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland NF
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta AB
Roddickton, Newfoundland NF
Roggan River, Quebec PQ
Ronan, Alberta AB
Rose Harbour, British Columbia BC
Rosedale, British Columbia BC
Rosetown, Saskatchewan SK
Roseville, Ontario ON
Roseway, Nova Scotia NS
Ross River, Yukon YT
Rossland, British Columbia BC
Rossland, British Columbia BC
Rosswood, British Columbia BC
Rouge Park, Ontario ON
Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec PQ
Royal Road, New Brunswick NB
Ruel, Ontario ON
Ruskview, Ontario ON
Russell, Manitoba MB
Russell, Ontario ON
Saanichton, British Columbia BC
Saanichton, British Columbia BC
Sable Island, Nova Scotia NS
Sachs Harbour, Northwest Territories NT
Sackville, New Brunswick NB
Saglek Bay, Newfoundland NF
St. Alban's, Newfoundland NF
Saint Andrews, New Brunswick NB
St. Anthony, Newfoundland NF
Saint-Donat, Quebec PQ
St. George's, Newfoundland NF
Saint John, New Brunswick NB
St. Lawrence, Newfoundland NF
St. Lina, Alberta AB
Saint Michel, Quebec PQ
Saint-Pamphile, Quebec PQ
Saint-Alexandre, Quebec PQ
Saint-Leon-de-Standon, Quebec PQ
Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec PQ
Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere, Quebec PQ
Sainte-Anne-du-Lac, Quebec PQ
Sainte-Marie, Quebec PQ
Salmon Arm, British Columbia BC
Salmon Arm, British Columbia BC
Salmon Hole, Nova Scotia NS
Saltspring Island, British Columbia BC
Saltspring Island, British Columbia BC
San Josef Bay, British Columbia BC
Sandhill, Ontario ON
Sandspit, British Columbia BC
Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia NS
Sardis, British Columbia BC
Sarnia, Ontario ON
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan SK
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan SK
Saskatoon, Sask., Saskatchewan SK
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario ON
Sault Ste. Marie Airport, Ontario ON
Savanne, Ontario ON
Sawyerville Nord, Quebec PQ
Schefferville, Quebec PQ
Schreiber, Ontario ON
Scollard, Alberta AB
Scotland, Ontario ON
Scotstown, Saskatchewan SK
Scotswood, Alberta AB
Scott, Quebec PQ
Scott, Saskatchewan SK
Scudder, Ontario ON
Selkirk, Manitoba MB
Semans, Saskatchewan SK
Senneterre, Quebec PQ
Sept-Iles, Quebec PQ
Sewall, British Columbia BC
Seymour Arm, British Columbia BC
Seymour Falls, British Columbia BC
Shackleton, Saskatchewan SK
Shalalth, British Columbia BC
Shamrock, Saskatchewan SK
Shanty Bay, Ontario ON
Sharon, Ontario ON
Shaunavon, Saskatchewan SK
Shaunavon, Saskatchewan SK
Shawinigan, Quebec PQ
Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia BC
Shawville, Quebec PQ
Shearwater, Nova Scotia NS
Sheenboro, Quebec PQ
Shelburne, Nova Scotia NS
Shepherd Bay, Nunavut NU
Sherbrooke, Quebec PQ
Shingle Point, Yukon YT
Shining Bank, Alberta AB
Shipshaw, Quebec PQ
Shoalwater Bay, Yukon YT
Shushartie, British Columbia BC
Sibbald, Alberta AB
Signal Hill, Newfoundland NF
Silver City, Yukon YT
Similkameen Mine, British Columbia BC
Simonette, Alberta AB
Sion, Alberta AB
Sioux Lookout, Ontario ON
Slave Lake, Alberta AB
Sleeman, Ontario ON
Smith, Alberta AB
Smith River, British Columbia BC
Smithers, British Columbia BC
Smithers Landing, British Columbia BC
Smithfield, Ontario ON
Smokey Falls, Ontario ON
Smoky Falls, Ontario ON
Snag, Yukon YT
Solsgirth, Manitoba MB
Somerset, Manitoba MB
Sooke, British Columbia BC
Sooke Lake North, British Columbia BC
Sops Arm White Bay, Newfoundland NF
Sorel, Quebec PQ
Sorrento East, British Columbia BC
Souris, Manitoba MB
South Baymouth, Ontario ON
South Brook Pasadena, Newfoundland NF
South Fork, Saskatchewan SK
South Indian Lake, Manitoba MB
South Mountain, Ontario ON
South Shala, British Columbia BC
South Slocan, British Columbia BC
South Tetagouche, New Brunswick NB
Southampton, Ontario ON
Southend, Saskatchewan SK
Sparwood, British Columbia BC
Spence Bay, Nunavut NU
Spences Bridge Nicola, British Columbia BC
Sperling, Manitoba MB
Spokin Lake, British Columbia BC
Sprague, Manitoba MB
Springdale, Newfoundland NF
Springfield, Nova Scotia NS
Squamish Upper, British Columbia BC
Squateck, Quebec PQ
St-Anaclet, Quebec PQ
Saint-Augustin, Quebec PQ
St-Jacques-de-Dupuy, Quebec PQ
Saint-Alban, Quebec PQ
St. Alexis De Matapedia, Quebec PQ
Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, Quebec PQ
Saint-Ambroise, Quebec PQ
St. Andrew's, Newfoundland NF
Saint-Anicet, Quebec PQ
St. Anthony, Newfoundland NF
Saint-Arsène, Quebec PQ
Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec PQ
St. Benoit Labre, Quebec PQ
St. Bruno Kamouraska, Quebec PQ
Saint-Camille, Quebec PQ
Saint-Camille, Quebec PQ
St. Cassien Des Caps, Quebec PQ
St. Catharines, Ontario ON
St. Catharines, Ontario ON
Saint-Charles-Garnier, Quebec PQ
St. Claude, Manitoba MB
St. Clement, Quebec PQ
St. Coeur De Marie, Quebec PQ
Saint-Côme, Quebec PQ
Saint-Côme--Linière, Quebec PQ
St. Damase Des Aulnaies, Quebec PQ
Saint-Donat, Quebec PQ
St. Eleuthere, Quebec PQ
St. Elzear De Bonaventure, Quebec PQ
Saint-Éphrem, Quebec PQ
Saint-Faustin, Quebec PQ
Saint-Ferdinand, Quebec PQ
St. Flavien, Quebec PQ
Saint-Fortunat, Quebec PQ
St. Francois Io, Quebec PQ
Saint-Gédéon, Quebec PQ
Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, Quebec PQ
Saint-Guillaume, Quebec PQ
St. Guy, Quebec PQ
Saint-Hilaire-de-Dorset, Quebec PQ
St. Hilarion, Quebec PQ
Saint-Hippolyte, Quebec PQ
St. Hyacinthe 2, Quebec PQ
Saint-Janvier, Quebec PQ
St. Jean, Quebec PQ
St. Jean De Cherbourg, Quebec PQ
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec PQ
Saint-Jérôme, Quebec PQ
St. John's, Newfoundland NF
St. John AP s West, Newfoundland NF
Saint-Joseph-de-Mékinac, Quebec PQ
Saint-Jovite, Quebec PQ
St. Lawrence, Newfoundland NF
St. Leon De Labrecque, Quebec PQ
Saint Leonard, New Brunswick NB
Saint-Ludger, Quebec PQ
Saint-Malachie, Quebec PQ
Saint-Malo, Quebec PQ
St. Margaret AP s Bay, Nova Scotia NS
Cape St. Mary's, Newfoundland NF
Saint-Michel-des-Saints, Quebec PQ
Saint-Narcisse, Quebec PQ
Saint-Nazaire, Quebec PQ
Saint-Odilon, Quebec PQ
Saint-Pamphile, Quebec PQ
St. Paul Island, Nova Scotia NS
Lac Saint-Paulin, Quebec PQ
St. Pierre De Broughton, Quebec PQ
Saint-Prime, Quebec PQ
Saint-Prosper, Quebec PQ
Saint-Rémi, Quebec PQ
St. Rene De Matane, Quebec PQ
Saint-Sébastien, Quebec PQ
Saint-Séverin, Quebec PQ
St. Shotts, Newfoundland NF
St. Simeon, Quebec PQ
Saint-Théophile, Quebec PQ
St. Thomas, Ontario ON
Saint-Urbain, Quebec PQ
Saint-Wenceslas, Quebec PQ
Saint-Zacharie, Quebec PQ
Saint-Zénon, Quebec PQ
Saint-Zéphirin, Quebec PQ
Cape Stanhope, Prince Edward Island PE
Stanley, New Brunswick NB
Stanstead, Quebec PQ
Starbuck, Manitoba MB
Stave Falls, British Columbia BC
Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec PQ
Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, Quebec PQ
Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec PQ
Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade, Quebec PQ
Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Quebec PQ
Sainte-Anne-du-Lac, Quebec PQ
Sainte-Béatrix, Quebec PQ
Sainte-Catherine, Quebec PQ
Sainte-Clotilde-de-Châteauguay, Quebec PQ
Dollard-Des Ormeaux, Quebec PQ
Sainte-Foy, Quebec PQ
Cap Sainte-Geneviève, Quebec PQ
Sainte-Germaine, Quebec PQ
Ste. Lucie, Quebec PQ
Sainte-Madeleine, Quebec PQ
Sainte-Martine, Quebec PQ
Sainte-Perpétue, Quebec PQ
Ste. Rose, Manitoba MB
Dégelis, Quebec PQ
Ste. Rose Du Nord, Quebec PQ
Ste. Therese Ouest, Quebec PQ
Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Quebec PQ
Steep Rock, Manitoba MB
Steep Rock Lake, Ontario ON
Steinbach, Manitoba MB
Stephenville, Newfoundland NF
Stettler, Alberta AB
Stettler, Alberta AB
Steveston, British Columbia BC
Stewart, British Columbia BC
Stewart Valley, Saskatchewan SK
Stillwater Power House, British Columbia BC
Stillwater Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia NS
Stirling-Rawdon, Ontario ON
Stonewall, Manitoba MB
Stony Mountain, Manitoba MB
Stony Narrows, Saskatchewan SK
Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan SK
Stouffville, Ontario ON
Mount Strachan, Alberta AB
Strasbourg, Saskatchewan SK
Stratford, Ontario ON
Strathclair, Manitoba MB
Strathroy-Caradoc, Ontario ON
Stratton, Ontario ON
Streatham, British Columbia BC
Stuie Tweedsmuir Lodge, British Columbia BC
Greater Sudbury, Ontario ON
Suffield, Alberta AB
Sullivan Lake, Alberta AB
Summerland, British Columbia BC
Summerside, Prince Edward Island PE
Summerville, Nova Scotia NS
Sunnyside, Newfoundland NF
Surrey, British Columbia BC
Surrey, British Columbia BC
Surrey, British Columbia BC
Suskwa Valley, British Columbia BC
Sussex, New Brunswick NB
Mont-Sutton, Quebec PQ
Swan River, Manitoba MB
Swan River, Manitoba MB
Swift Current, Newfoundland NF
Swift Current, Saskatchewan SK
Swift Current Airport, Saskatchewan SK
Swift River, Yukon YT
Sydney, Nova Scotia NS
Sylvan Lake, Alberta AB
Taber, Alberta AB
Tadoussac, Quebec PQ
Tahltan, British Columbia BC
Tahtsa Lake West, British Columbia BC
Tasu, British Columbia BC
Tatlayoko Lake, British Columbia BC
East Zorra-Tavistock, Ontario ON
Taylor, British Columbia BC
Taylor, British Columbia BC
Telegraph Creek, British Columbia BC
Terra Nova National Park of Canada, Newfoundland NF
Terrace, British Columbia BC
Terrace, British Columbia BC
Terrace Bay, Ontario ON
Teslin, Yukon YT
Tete A La Baleine, Quebec PQ
Tete-a-la-Baleine, Quebec PQ
The Pas, Manitoba MB
Thetford-Mines, Quebec PQ
Thompson, Manitoba MB
Thornbury, Ontario ON
Thornhill, Ontario ON
Thunder Bay, Ontario ON
Thunder Bay, Ontario ON
Thurston Bay Marine Park, British Columbia BC
Tiger Lily, Alberta AB
Tignish, Prince Edward Island PE
Tillsonburg, Ontario ON
Timmins, Ontario ON
Tlell, British Columbia BC
Tobermory, Ontario ON
Tatogga, British Columbia BC
Tofield North, Alberta AB
Tofino, British Columbia BC
Tolsmaville, Ontario ON
Topley Landing, British Columbia BC
Torbay, Newfoundland NF
Toronto, Ontario ON
Toronto, Ontario ON
Toronto, Ontario ON
Toronto, Ontario ON
Toronto Pearson Int'L. Ont., Ontario ON
Toronto, Ontario ON
Toronto, Ontario ON
Toronto Island Airport Automated Reporting Station, Ontario ON
Tors Cove, Newfoundland NF
Tow Hill, British Columbia BC
Tracadie-Sheila, New Brunswick NB
Treelon, Saskatchewan SK
Treherne, Manitoba MB
Trenton, Ontario ON
Trinite Des Monts, Quebec PQ
Trinite-des-Monts, Quebec PQ
Trochu, Alberta AB
Trochu Equity, Alberta AB
Trochu, Alberta AB
Trois Pistoles, Quebec PQ
Trois-Rivières, Quebec PQ
Trois-Rivières, Quebec PQ
Trois Pistoles, Quebec PQ
Trout Creek, Ontario ON
Truro, Nova Scotia NS
Tugaske, Saskatchewan SK
Tuktoyaktuk Island, Northwest Territories NT
Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories NT
Tulliby Lake, Alberta AB
Tungsten, Northwest Territories NT
Turbine, Ontario ON
Turtle Creek, New Brunswick NB
Turtle Mountain, Manitoba MB
Turtle Mountain, Manitoba MB
Tusket, Nova Scotia NS
Twan Creek, British Columbia BC
Twining, Alberta AB
Two Creeks, Alberta AB
Tyndall, Manitoba MB
Tyrone, Ontario ON
Tysoe Point, Northwest Territories NT
Ucluelet, British Columbia BC
Ulukhaktok, Northwest Territories NT
University of Calgary, Alberta AB
Upper Campbell Lake, British Columbia BC
Upper Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia NS
Upper Stewiacke, Nova Scotia NS
Upsala, Ontario ON
Upsalquitch Lake, New Brunswick NB
Uranium City, Saskatchewan SK
Utterson, Ontario ON
Val D AP Espoir, Quebec PQ
Val-Racine, Quebec PQ
Val-Saint-Gilles, Quebec PQ
Val-d'Or, Quebec PQ
Val-Marie, Saskatchewan SK
Valemount, British Columbia BC
Vallee Jonction, Quebec PQ
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec PQ
Valleyview, Alberta AB
Vancouver, British Columbia BC
Vancouver, British Columbia BC
Vancouver Harbour, British Columbia BC
University of British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia BC
Vanderhoof, British Columbia BC
Vandry, Quebec PQ
Vanier, Ontario ON
Vauxhall, Alberta AB
Vavenby, British Columbia BC
Vegreville, Alberta AB
Vegreville, Alberta AB
Verchères, Quebec PQ
Vermilion, Alberta AB
Vernon, British Columbia BC
Vernon, British Columbia BC
Victoria, British Columbia BC
Victoria, British Columbia BC
Victoria Gonzales Hts, British Columbia BC
Victoria Harbour, Ontario ON
Viking, Alberta AB
Ville-Marie, Quebec PQ
Vineland, Ontario ON
Vineland, Ontario ON
Virden, Manitoba MB
Viscount, Saskatchewan SK
Vogar, Manitoba MB
Vulcan, Alberta AB
Wabasca, Alberta AB
Wabasca-Desmarais, Alberta AB
Wabowden, Manitoba MB
Wabush, Newfoundland NF
Little Wabush Lake, Newfoundland NF
Wadena, Saskatchewan SK
Wagner, Alberta AB
Municipal District of Wainwright No. 61, Alberta AB
Wakefield, Quebec PQ
Wallaceburg, Ontario ON
Waltham, Quebec PQ
Wanham, Alberta AB
Wapella Newfinland, Saskatchewan SK
Warden, Quebec PQ
Wardner, British Columbia BC
Ware, British Columbia BC
Warfield, British Columbia BC
Warren Landing, Manitoba MB
Warwick Mountain, Alberta AB
Wasa, British Columbia BC
Wasagaming, Manitoba MB
Waseca, Saskatchewan SK
Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan SK
Waterford, Ontario ON
Waterloo, Ontario ON
Waterloo Well, Ontario ON
Waterloo Welling, Ontario ON
Waterton River Cabin, Alberta AB
Waterville Cambridge, Nova Scotia NS
Watrous, Saskatchewan SK
Watson Lake, Yukon YT
Wawa, Ontario ON
Wawanesa, Manitoba MB
Webb, Saskatchewan SK
Welland, Ontario ON
Wellington, Prince Edward Island PE
Wembley, Alberta AB
West Ditton, Quebec PQ
West Guilford, Ontario ON
West Poplar River, Saskatchewan SK
West Vancouver, British Columbia BC
Westbrook, Newfoundland NF
Western Head, Nova Scotia NS
Westminster Township, Ontario ON
Westphal, Nova Scotia NS
Westray, Manitoba MB
Westwold, British Columbia BC
Weyburn, Saskatchewan SK
Weyburn, Saskatchewan SK
Weymouth Falls, Nova Scotia NS
Whalley, British Columbia BC
Wharncliffe, Ontario ON
Whistler, British Columbia BC
White River, Ontario ON
White Rock, British Columbia BC
White Rock, Nova Scotia NS
Whitecourt, Alberta AB
Whitefish Lake, Ontario ON
Whitehead, Nova Scotia NS
Whitehorse, Yukon YT
Whitehorse, Yukon YT
Whitesand Dam, Saskatchewan SK
Whitewood, Saskatchewan SK
Wiarton, Ontario ON
Wiggins Point, New Brunswick NB
William Head, British Columbia BC
Williams Lake, British Columbia BC
Williams Lake River, British Columbia BC
Willmar, Saskatchewan SK
Willow Creek, Saskatchewan SK
Wimborne, Alberta AB
Windsor, Nova Scotia NS
Windsor, Ontario ON
Windsor Martock, Nova Scotia NS
Windthorst, Saskatchewan SK
Winfield, Alberta AB
Winfield, British Columbia BC
Winisk, Ontario ON
Winnipeg, Manitoba MB
Winnipeg Richardson, Manitoba MB
Winterland, Newfoundland NF
Wistaria, British Columbia BC
Cap Wolstenholme, Quebec PQ
Wonowon, British Columbia BC
Woodbridge, Ontario ON
Wooddale Bishop AP s Falls, Newfoundland NF
Woodfibre, British Columbia BC
Woodrow, Saskatchewan SK
Woodstock, New Brunswick NB
Woodstock, Ontario ON
Woody Point, Newfoundland NF
Wreck Cove Brook, Nova Scotia NS
Wright, Quebec PQ
Wrigley, Northwest Territories NT
Wroxeter, Ontario ON
Wynyard, Saskatchewan SK
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia NS
Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan SK
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories NT
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories NT
Yoho National Park - Boulder, British Columbia BC
Yoho National Park - Wapta Lake, British Columbia BC
York Factory, Manitoba MB
Yorkton, Saskatchewan SK
Youngstown, Alberta AB
Zehner, Saskatchewan SK
Zhoda, Manitoba MB